March 2011


March 27, 2011

I was coming home on the ferry yesterday and stood on the upper deck watching the clouds. I was trying to understand how they were lit by the late afternoon sun since the sky was scattered with big, puffy white cumulus clouds against a background of streaky and shiny stratus clouds. I remember my father […]

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Who knew

March 4, 2011

Who knew What was really going on If anyone did know They weren’t saying Knowledge Does not belong to any one person We all need to know Knowledge is not a burden Knowledge is a gift So give it And keep giving So no-one can be hurt By someone who knows something But will not […]

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Haven’t been writing

March 3, 2011

I haven’t been writing I’ve been too upset My mind’s been too troubled Unable to rest I’ve been in upsetment As someone once said Upsetment’s the place For fear and dread Upsetment, blackcloudment Incensement Whatever A jumble of tangled Dislikement That severs The link to contentment Relaxment, letgoment …and sleep

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