January 2014

Breathing poetry

January 29, 2014

A poem is a sequence of out breaths Words floating gently on the breeze of sighs Tossed listlessly on the yawns of regret Thrown passionately on the gasps of desire We breathe out our inner emanations Creative thoughts and ideas, rhythmic words Puffed out with an air of exhalation Taking off from our lips like […]

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January 26, 2014

My mother gave me A pair of her shoes Just before she died Old and soft Worn out loafers “Will they remind you of me When you put them on?” We clung to each other We cried I could not tell her then I did not know Her shoes were not How she would walk […]

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Feeling skinny

January 20, 2014

Feeling skinny Is the best feeling There is Said Kate Moss I suppose she means Free from The weight of Burdensome pressures Of life, responsibility Or perhaps In her case Worries about Losing her job I saw a woman On the bus Obese Carrying a huge Heavy backpack As if her own weight Is not […]

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January 19, 2014

I’ve been writing sonnets It’s time now to stop Take a moment to reflect On bigger things Like life and what to do today Or, at least, how to be How to breathe Slough off those worries About things with no end In sight Those critics get in and recline So comfortably in my mind […]

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What we are doing

January 18, 2014

So here’s the thing about the world we love She’s exhausted, over-used and abused It seems to be the human thing to move Heaven and earth so we can splurge our use Of all things beautiful and natural Subjugated to our satisfaction The mother of all needs, strong and fragile Dying hostess, party of destruction […]

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January 4, 2014

The glow from the oven throws hot and deep rings Around the restaurant where time sits with me To toast in another night of old things With the bon vivant and the bonhomie We drink in the same silent sensations Of the closeness of bodies, hot and heavy All around us, laughing and wild lacrimation […]

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