March 2014


March 28, 2014

She is musing to herself about why she and her husband always fight whenever they have to say goodbye. He travels a lot for work and, almost without fail, they fight, either just before he leaves or as soon as he gets back. And it’s always about nothing of any consequence. Like the last time. […]

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March 27, 2014

I am thinking about greed and am clearer in my position that it is a mental illness. It is just as much a mental illness as drug addiction or hoarding. Money is merely the means by which greed is expressed, as hoarding gives expression to a very deep fear of loss or drugs give expression […]

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Reflections on a lake

March 20, 2014

It seems such a small thing, but years ago, when I was around eight years old, I was riding my bike around the lake across the street from our house. My best friend and next-door neighbor, Pete, was on his bike, too. We were kids exploring our world, looking for yabbies (crawdads in the US) […]

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March 14, 2014

Along with being curious about names, I have been wondering what is hidden under the layers of propriety in the history of our class-conscious family. Propriety is a big issue in Australia, because if you can prove you were not descended from convicts, you have a leg up, socially speaking, on those who cannot make […]

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Name changer

March 12, 2014

I have been thinking about my last name, Christmas, and my father’s explanation to me of its origin when I was a child and I was curious to know where it came from. My father said our name was adopted during the Reformation in the 16th Century when the Puritan separatists left the Church of […]

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