May 2014


May 31, 2014

We are outside in her garden at the house where I grew up. The sun is shining and she has been working in the soil. Her hands are dirty and she is leaning on her garden fork. She is telling me something I can’t hear at first. And then I realize she is telling me […]

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Sticking out

May 29, 2014

Americans are scaredy cats. It is the only conclusion I can draw after thinking about the way in which everybody clings to the notion that being armed is such a good thing.  I was listening to the radio this morning and heard yet another piece about the police shooting a homeless man who had a […]

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May 27, 2014

“Don’t pick that up. It’s dirty,” he said as she bent down to pick up a quarter she spotted lying on the sidewalk. She picked it up anyway and held it out to him, “Here, have some dirty money.” He did not take it and did not think she was funny.  “I bet you can’t […]

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May 24, 2014

“There! No, there! A bit further to the left…down a bit…there! Aaah, perfect!” She scratched the sweet spot on his back and leant over to kiss his neck. He wriggled and twisted so she would run her nails over all the itchy bits.  “Oh, that’s good,” he said. He rolled over and grabbed her, wrapping […]

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All in a day’s work

May 24, 2014

Yesterday, I am walking to work as usual along Grant Street and, as I pass the jewelry stores, restaurants, and amazingly over-the-top glass-sculptured-and-bronze-cast-gifts-and-chandeliers-and-sparkling-who-knows-what stores, a large piece of cardboard leaning up against one of the metal gates falls across the sidewalk, pushed over by the man who has been asleep under it. I am startled […]

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May 22, 2014

He opened his mouth and began to speak. “I cannot…” She already knew what was coming next. “Believe,” she mouthed. “Believe,” he said, “That you forgot again. What the f…? What happened?” To him, it was just another sign that whatever was happening between them was too much. They had agreed to see a counselor […]

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The cord

May 20, 2014

“Pull the cord,” she said. “What for?” he asked.  “So they know you want something.” She came over and fixed the pillows behind his head, so he could sit up properly. He had just woken up from the last surgery and was so high on whatever painkillers they had given him, he could not, in […]

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City life

May 19, 2014

City life. This is a topic I know a lot about. I may even know too much about it. When I did not live in the city, but came in every day on the ferry, I romanticized life in the city. Now I’ve been living here for almost three years, it is certainly a fantastic […]

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Face blind

May 18, 2014

“Prosopagnosia, I’m afraid,” the doctor announced. “Wh..what is that?” she asked anxiously. “It’s the term that describes your condition. You are unable to recognize the faces of people you should know.” She was shocked. She had always prided herself on remembering faces. The job she had most recently and the job she enjoyed most was […]

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How it works

May 11, 2014

He sidles up to me in the street during the week when I am out and about at lunchtime, looking for some sustenance. “Will you give me enough money to have a shower?” he pleads. I look at him, this man who has sidled up to me as I am striding along. He is a […]

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