An unfamiliar road

by jexmas on October 9, 2013 is an unfamiliar road, a very unfamiliar road. I finally signed up last night. This morning when I got up, there were several emails telling me men were winking at me or had chosen me as their favorite. Really? Already? The whole online dating thing is so strange, it is hard to even put my feelings about it into words.

There is a security guard who works around the corner from my house. I walk past him on the way to work. He smiles and says hello as he puffs on his cigarette on the sidewalk at the door of his building and, over time, I have the impression he thinks he knows me just because he recognizes me as I walk by. A couple of times, he has asked me how I’m doing and I can feel he wants me to stop and chat with him because his job is probably pretty lonely. I wonder if I am his favorite passerby or if everyone who says hello to him earns a special place in his notebook of “People I Recognize Because They Walk Past Me on Their Way to Work.”

That’s what seems to be: pictures of people as if they are walking by, except they also come with a description, like products in a catalog. You have no idea if they will work as the product description says they will until you get them home and even then, you can’t just send them back. Or maybe you can because it’s

I look more closely at the men who are winking at me and realize they come from all over the country. One is in Ohio, two are in Florida and two are in California. What’s up with that? I’m not going anywhere and, if they’re so mobile and can just up and leave to come and see me, that really scares me. I can’t even make any sense of it, other than as a fairytale and princesses and knights on white chargers.

If the security guard was winking at me on, I would reject him outright, I’m afraid. Smoking is a deal-breaker for me. But, in fact, I can’t just eject him from my life, because he is a real person with a real job who works around the corner from where I live on my very familiar road. Darn it.

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