by jexmas on August 31, 2016

I grew up in a garden
Where blizzards of cherry blossom petals
Blew in flurries across the yard like snowflakes
Where we kicked the piles
Of petals up into the wind
Watching while they whirled and fluttered
Back down to the wet green grass
Landing in piles of limp pink puff

I grew up in a garden
Where hollyhocks and foxgloves
Lavender and tree ferns
Geraniums and rhododendrons
Lived side-by-side with open arms
Offering so much with generous ease
Perfumes, nectar and joie de vivre
To welcome the bees, the birds, the dragonflies

I grew up in a garden
Where the dark places scared me
The rhus tree lurked against the back fence
In the darkest corner behind the garage
Lording it over the shabby plants
Pointing its poisonous leaves out
Reaching to brush against my cheek
Burning my face with its deadly desire

I grew up in a garden
Where hope sometimes eluded me
Left me with a sense of being left behind
The garden would not wait for me
But kept going with a relentlessness
I could not influence
I grew up in a garden
There was no other way

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