Never say never

by jexmas on October 15, 2013

“Never,” she says emphatically.

“Don’t say that,” I say.

“Well, it’s true. If your stupid father was more savvy, we would have more money. But the way he is, we will never have money.”

She is in one of those moods. Combative, nasty, critical, and downright mean. All of the history of all of the stupid men in her family who had gambled away the wealth, leaving nothing for us coming along behind them gets to her in ways she cannot stand. Today is one of those days and reminds her she has married another one of those men, in spite of the fact that my father has never gambled a penny on any day ever in his life.

“I hate this,” she says. “I want more money,” as if money was ever the answer to anything.

I want to say, “Money can’t buy happiness,” but I’m afraid she will hit will me.

I want to say, “Maybe you should try working,” but then she will say, “Oh, Jane, I can’t work. What on earth could I do?”

Instead, I look down at the floor, knowing it is better to stay out of it. It takes a minute before my eyes focus on something lying at my feet. It is a dollar bill. I bend down, pick it up and hand it to her.

“Never say never,” I say.

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