Out of the box

by jexmas on January 21, 2016

“Don’t take it out of the box,” you said.

“Why not?” I said, my hand on the bow of the ribbon tied spectacularly around the large gift-wrapped wedding present.

“Because then we’ll have to wrap it up again and pretend we don’t know what it is.”

“But we do know what it is, don’t we? It’s the Nespresso coffee machine. I thought you wanted an espresso,” I said.

“I did,” you replied, “But now I’m feeling like I shouldn’t. We should wait until we’re married.”

I laughed. “You mean, we can have sex before marriage but we can’t have a cup of coffee?”

You laughed, too, but looked a bit exasperated. “This is different. This is given to us in good faith for when we’re married.” You were so serious, it surprised me.

“I don’t really think people care about that, do they. We can open now if we want to,” I said.

“No, we can’t,” you said. “We have to wait.”

Now it was my turn to be exasperated. “Why?”

“Well, what if you decided at the last minute that you didn’t want to marry me? What if you stormed off, leaving me standing at the altar, so to speak?”

“Why would I do that?” I demanded.

“Because, when push comes to shove, you might decide I’m not the right person for you.”

“Ouch!” I said. “I know that happens, but I can’t even imagine it for me. I am so sure about you.”

“You think you are,” you said. “But you don’t really know me. Not really deeply.”

“I think I know you well enough to take the risk,” I said, now feeling a bit uncertain. “Anyway, what don’t I know.?”

“I wish I could tell you,” you said. “But that’s the point. I’m not even sure how deeply I know myself.”

My heart melted. “Well, that’s why we’re getting married, isn’t it? We’ll have our lifetimes to learn all about each other, if we’re willing to be open to it. I love you, Tom.”

“And I love you, too, sweetheart…um, coffee?”


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