by jexmas on September 9, 2014

When I cover my ears with my hands
I can still hear the man singing out loud
In the middle of the intersection
At the top of his deep resonant voice
His dog lies at his feet while he shouts out
In the middle of the intersection
Right under the window of my office
His voice, badly out of tune as he hollers
While I am in my office trying to work
Trying to listen and trying to speak
He hollers at the tourists and the homeless
Songs of longing and unrequited love
In the middle of the day, sun, wind and rain
I leave to go and buy myself some lunch
His voice recedes as I round the corner
Head for the Peruvian chicken soup
In the park, peace and quiet for an hour
Until I have to go back into the fray
To the freedom on the street and singing
Loud and boisterous, sung with more than gusto
While I am sitting four floors above him
Hearing him as if he is right by my side

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