Song of the Sea

by jexmas on January 7, 2011

Clinging to some wreckage
From one end of a boat
Holding tight onto this thing
It’s keeping me afloat
Broken twisted memories
Strange contorted shape
At least it isn’t sinking
My head’s above the wake
All astern, me hearties
Hold on tight
Drift with the current
Drift through the night
This journey is not known to me
I don’t know where I am
Buffeted by losses and
Waves of sad old pain
Carry me to somewhere
Let’s find out what remains
There’s land ahead, I know it
Have faith, I’ll stand again

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Tomas Grignon January 7, 2011 at 12:23 pm

Gorgeous, Jane. I can smell the salt in the air as I read this.
I just encountered some poems written to a former love, and I’m reminded of the power of lyric words.
My current love, though abounding in admirable qualities, doesn’t share this passion with me (though I know it’s in him somewhere). That I haven’t been exercising my passion is the issue I’m sure.
Does Somehow Productions take submissions? I would welcome a format to share some poetry.


jexmas January 7, 2011 at 1:58 pm

Hey Tom, thank you for the lovely comment… and yes, if you’d like to post some poems on my blog, I’d be delighted. Just email me what you’d like to post and I’ll put it up!


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