Tarantino redux

by jexmas on March 21, 2013

Okay, so I’ve calmed down a bit about the whole Tarantino effect, but I still have strong feelings about the way in which violence, even cartoon violence, is glorified. The men and women who come back from wars far afield and have such a tough time adjusting back into life in this country have had to face certain aspects of themselves most of us do not. They have had to face their own aggression and their own sadism to be able to kill someone considered an enemy. I do not believe you can kill another human being without mobilizing these very human conditions in oneself. You have to believe that person deserves to die and the resolve you need to actually make it happen requires you to be both aggressive and sadistic. People at war do not kill each other with compassion. How can they when they are equal targets, equally the enemy?

Men and women at war see horrible things. They see very real images of human beings dis-integrated by powerful weapons. They see with stark horror in the real world the images someone like Tarantino uses in such a gratuitous way on the big screen to pull us all into the war zone that must be raging in his mind.

So then the men and women come home and have to make sense of their capacity to kill another person or they have to make sense of why they were subjected to such horrors. For some people, this is easier than for others, a fact attested to by the high rate of suicide amongst returning veterans.

Most of us do not want to know the details of what they went through, yet we will go to movie theaters and watch it as if it’s fun. And you know, I really do not get it.

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